Classical Guitar

22 songs, 40:25 minutes
Recorded at the St. Joseph Church in Kierspe.

Available at:

Classical Guitar 2

Double CD, 14 songs, 59:05 minutes
Recorded at the St. Joseph Church in Kierspe (CD 1), and at the Evangelical Church in Wuppertal-Laaken (CD 2).

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Offer & contact

With pleasure Arne Willems brings his music to your event (prices on request).

  • Classical guitar (solo or duet)
    Concert (for your festival or an evening event)
    Shorter appearance as part of your event
  • Concert with acoustic guitar and vocals, solo or duo
    recommended for outdoor events
  • Electric guitarist for bands, studio and workshops
  • Consultant in testing and purchase of high-quality instruments

As a certified music teacher Arne Willems offers private lessons for beginners and advanced. Partner classes are possible, too.

  • Individual classes (45 or 60 minutes)
  • Partner lessons (60 minutes)
  • Preparing for the entrance exam at german music academies
  • Preparation for national and international competitions for classical guitar


Arne Willems
Baumstraße 14
42117 Wuppertal

Telefon: +49 151 424 111 33